GigaPets - Bit Bunny

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  • GROW A BUNNY FAMILY –In the GigaPets Bit Bunnies you will start as a baby bunny which with a good amount of love and attention will grow into an adult bunny. From there your bunny can become a mama and will give birth to two additional bunnies all 3 of which can be cared for in the same game!!
  • 3 UNIQUE BUNNIES – Each of the 3 bunnies has their own unique look, personality, animations, and games!
  • 7 EVOLUTIONS- Each bunny has a baby and adult evolution and there is 1 surprise evolution/character to discover!
  • 13 MINI GAMES! Each of the bunnies has their own unique mini games that you can play. The games unlock as you evolve and some games can only be access by entering certain hidden section in the bunny world. 
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