LGA Painting Melody

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Le Grand Artist will challenge and inspire older children to follow the brush strokes, of the original. Artist are given the actual materials used in each kit to lovingly craft unique project. At DJECO we collaborate with 100s of illustrators to introduce art concepts perfectly matched to the skills and talents of children age 7+.

  • easy to follow directions for excellent quality results
  • box sets include 4 partially illustrated picture boards, saturated watercolor paints and boutique box packaging
  • silk painting sets include¬†1 scarf, textile paints and tri-fold packaging to hold the scarf for painting
  • silk painting design printed with bleed-free lines
  • step-by-step instruction booklet
  • 7-13 years
  • 4 boards,
  • pallet of 8 paints,
  • 1 brush,
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