Bigfoot Kin and Lesson Book

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Promotes: Self-Esteem, Confidence, Coping Skills

Meet Bigfoot, your perfect companion for building self-esteem! Bigfoot helps kids to know they are lovable, and they can always find support when they face adversity or get their feelings hurt. The included board books are fun for young readers to read and they’re filled with lessons on self-esteem, while Bigfoot Kin brings the stories to life! 

Included are:

"Bigfoot Copes with Hurt Feelings" Board Book: A story that teaches emotional skills so that if their feelings get hurt, there are steps they can take to cope with their big feelings and grow their self-confidence

Bigfoot Kin: Brings the learning to life by engaging kids in the storylines and is a tangible reminder of the meaningful moments of connection spent and lessons learned

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