Viverano, an American small family business, was founded in 2013 with the simple idea of producing and offering environmentally, socially and economically responsible garments and linens for everyday use. We use the highest quality certified organic cotton to ethically produce our charming garments and linens at a state of the art, GOTS and Fair-Trade certified manufacturing facility in India.

The inspiration for the name ‘Viverano’ came from the Italian term ‘Vivere’, which essentially means to live life to the fullest. In essence, Viverano the brand stands for living a full and healthful life in complete harmony with Nature. We strive to provide only pure, high quality and sustainable products that reflect and embody the ethereal beauty and nurturing qualities of nature.

 “A blissful summer day, brewing with love, joy and laughter, all our loved ones play. This miracle of mother nature, blessing it is today and every day."

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